Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Last Minute Eidulfitri Guide To Style

Salam my hijabi ladies,
I hope this reaches you in the best of health. Alhamdulillah we've went through the challenging times in Ramadhan & it is almost time for you to grab that victory of Eidulfitri, which in fact will be tomorrow for us Singaporeans.

I hope most of us are ready, or are you still thinking how to wear your hijab this year? We also have sets to give you an idea how to wear your eidulfitri costume. Do not fret for I have done 2 very last minute tutorial for hijab, sharing with you our style of hijab this year:) Plus I'm going to add one more tutorial I found from YouTube which I think will be really sweet for a bliss Eidulfitri. I hope you girls will enjoy the last day of Ramadhan & celebrate your Eid well so Happy Eidulfitri. ENJOY!

Hijab Eid Style Tutorial 01
Square hijab Style

Hijab Eid Style 02:
The shawl / Shayla : Style inspired by the TV3's 'Wanita Hari Ini' TV host
Hijab Tutorial 3 & 4 are from modernbedouin88 she created this look for eidulfitri for her muslim subscriber & she looks great.

And if you want an extra-ordinary look! I think this one is superb!
Her hard rock hijab style, I may want to try this on someday , you will need bohemian head band for this

Hijab Tutorial 4 : Hard Rock Hijab Style
Cool eh? I think this is beautiful you can wear it with or without the earrings u can cover your
earlobes while wearing the earrings with your hijab if you've watched my past video. You will look
unique in this style.

We're done with the hijab now let me show you what you can wear for this eid.
For me, its the modern baju kurung the one with beaded top & paisley printed skirt. Or this year's
hottest creation are these. Our traditional baju kurung & jubah(abaya) has evolved sooo much this year
I present to you collection. I wish I had shown you earlier but its never too late
Eid is one month so you might have the idea to buy it to wear on other occasions such as wedding or next year's Eid?
Here are our sets. 5 clothes from their collection that are just gorgeous.
Modern Baju Kurung

Jubah / Abayas

So please tell me which are your favourite sets? My favourite is the blue modern kurung :) So have a happy Eidulfitri to all muslims & I am asking for forgiveness if there is a lack of entries this year and for all my short comings. Lastly happy eid again :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Salam my fellow hijabis out there.

I am keen to see if there are any hijabi who have ever worn the styles that I have featured in my videos. SO if you do have such photos of you wearing one of the hijab styles i've featured please, please PRETTY please send it in it will be very interesting to see how my videos have helped you as a hijabi :)

Send the photos to :
Subject of email as : Hijab Styles

Make Up Tutorial2 For Eid : Kristen Bell Inspired

I hope you guys love this look inspired by this photo of Kristen Bell.Hopefully you try them out :) Meanwhile do enjoy the video.
Source from

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hijab Tutorial 17 : Nur Kasih Style (Square Hijab Series)

This style is inspired by this character Nur Amina who is just lovely.
I know even her wedding look is simple but nice.
The style in this tutorial video is inspired by this particular look. I love the red & black match
Anyways enjoy the video :)
Photos credited to : TV3's Website -
If you want to watch episodes of Nur Kasih you can watch it on the website itself but I doubt if there are any subtitles

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Styles to Work

This is a look that I wore yesterday to work. I love it because it is very modest & thought I'd share it with the readers.
I wore a hard black satin under scarf, brown hijab matched up with my tartan maxi dress and white shirt. For shoes I just wear my simple black slippers.

To copy this style is very easy.Voila!

The hijab tutorial will be up on the next post. Hope you love this look:)