Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hijab Style Tutorial 6 : The Simple Twirl

Salam readers this style can be worn with or without earrings it is up to you. A simple tying style which is taught by my mum when I was younger. Suitable for hijab beginners. Tutorial's IN! SO ENJOY~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hijab Tutorial - An Original Cre8tively Hijab Style

Salam my readers. So now I am coming up with a few square hijab styles tutorial that you'll love. Meanwhile enjoy this original style from us at Cre8tively Hijab.
This style requires : - 1 square hijab
- 1 cute hair band any patterns example :polka dot or colourful patterns
- 2 hijab pins

Enjoy darlings!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 posts Galore- Pt.3 Hijab Tutorial 4

Well remember the last hijab style I showed you girls? Well finally the tutorial is up! Well that's not the end of my hijab tutorials girls I have lots to show! I actually already recorded another tutorial on square hijab style. SOOOOO... I hope that every week I will have at least one hijab tutorial to show my precious readers. Enjoy~

*Important tip: The shawl must be of lace or organza type

3 posts Galore - Pt 2. Timeless Piece. October Must Have

And so I was browsing through and i found one of their latest accessory which is totally cute and has its function... It is what I call a timeless piece and a must have. It is a
HEART CLOCK NECKLACE. How cute is that? It is an accessory yet a clock at the same time.

Cute, functional and totally affordable! An OCTOBER MUST HAVE!

3 posts Galore - Pt.1 -Global Pink Hijab Day

There will be 3 posts today!!! The first part will be in honour of the "GLOBAL PINK HIJAB DAY" I have put together 2 looks that might inspire what you wear to work on this coming 29th of October. A formal and semi-formal look. Enjoy these looks!

Int. Pink Hijab Day by Cre8tively Hijab

So will you wear anything like this on this 29th?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Prom Nite 4 A Hijabi Edition

Salam my avid readers.

today we will talk prom. Since here in Singapore many girls are going to be done with school as semester comes to end in December or earlier. What is the first thing that comes to mind when the word "prom" comes to play? Glamor , formality and goodbyes. So you do want people to remember you looking at your best for the last time don't you? So here are 3 combination of looks I have put together for this Prom Edition. Formal looks and casual/formal looks. Be inspired!Enjoy!

Formal Prom Look by Cre8tively Hijab
BLACK dress,WHITE hijab & GOLD shoes and accessories. The best formal wear color combination.The prints in the dress plays a very big part in this look so as not to make you look dead or plain. The shoes are what i call chandelier shoes are just darlings!!!So this total look don't have to be necessarily expensive.You can do what I
always do. Take the idea of this look and go bargain hunting looking for similar items. Plus look as smashing as this combination. This look just screams hollywood star.
*Hijabi tip: The
white hijab/pashmina is important cause if it were to be black or gold it will be too matchy-matchy.

Hot Combo by Cre8tively Hijab
This look is for those who adores colors like I do! So here is a combo of hot colors for you to turn up the heat on prom. Another red carpet potential!

Blue combo by Cre8tively Hijab
This is a look who loves colors but hates skirts. Those who wants to look chic in pants and show them who's boss. My personal favorite is this blue combo! I'd wear it with earrings though.

Like I said you don't need a lot of money to have this look all you need is a lot of heart to
bargain hunt. Hope these looks will inspire your incoming prom :)

PS: Tell me which is your favorite people and why?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wed In Style

So I was on a house visit just now, was bored and flipped through a muslimah /family magazine called " Seri Dewi dan Keluarga". Guess what I found? Awesome wedding looks that you will totally love. I swear. I was like asking my aunt whether I can lend the magazine... well you girls are in luck so here are the photos of those dresses. CAUTION THIS MIGHT LEAD TO EXCESSIVE FANTASIZING

The timeless color of white for weddings. But if we already bored with white all the colors at the bottom might just wow you! Click on photos to have a closer look.

My personal favourite is the green one cos it's simple and has very nice beading at the bottom of the dress. which's your favourite?

PS : Photos don't belong to me it belongs to Seri dewi dan Keluarga

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Designs

So some of you have been wanting me to put up photos of clothes I designed. So here they are! But keep in mind I don't sew them.

2008 design this was supposedly to be a punjabi dress but the tailor got it wrong by making the skirt a what we call "mermaid" skirt when it is suppose to be a flair skirt. If u can see, the top is made to look like you are wearing double or a tank top inside.

2006 Designs
The blue one is a normal kebaya with flair sleeves and Chinese collared top and straight cut skirt.
The white one is a dress with puffy buttoned sleeves , Chinese collared too and has a ribbon at the waist . Skirt is an A-lined skirt.

2005 designs. This is one of my first designs , I know the picture quality is like urrrgh! I
so promise to get a new shot of it. Well if you can see it is a 3 piece suit . a short cropped jacket , a tank top and an a-lined skirt. well it is made out of nice Saree cloth. The inspiration of this design is ethnic and modern looking.

You may wonder why I design only once a year. These designs for are for Eid and I got them tailored and all for me and my sister, so pardon me if it has a touch of my own traditional or ethnic background. But if you could see my design file, I design everything from casual, dresses and even wedding gowns. I sooo wish I can sew, all these were sewed from the same tailor. Don't worry I may just take up lessons soon!

Well, would you wear things like this for your own Eid? If you do dig these designs do tell me cause I might just help design your own eid dress for next year!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hijabi Style Star - Waheeda

Salam girls.
Sorry still no tutorial yet. Haven't manage to grab the camera. So... I've been thinking of featuring a segment called Hijabi Style Star. I bet many of you have seen Style Star the american version. For you who haven't well it is a TV show that feature celebrities and their style. Well here we will have our own Hijabi Style Star...

Our first Hijabi Style Star On Cre8tively Hijab TV is Waheeda Wassini

Waheeda Wassini became well known to us ever since her single ' Wassini' became a hit. Wanna have a taste of it here you go... her voice is to die for. I just love her hijab styles from long pashminas to square hijabs. I started trying on long pashminas eversince I saw her style!

Her styles ranging from formal , eid to casual are all just fabulous! I personally favour the black and pink hijab style. Which one do you like best?
These last photos are what I call high fashion be it the beaded hijab or the semi - avant garde red dress she is wearing.

So , will Waheeda inspires your hijab style? She inspires me already!

None of these photos belong to me.
photos are from yahoo , msn , flickr -rakis

Fashion & Nasheed

Hey everybody!
Assalamualaikum. I am back. My lappy is great. ahaha. Well anyways sorry no tutorial for today BECAUSE my mum deleted the video from the mobile phone I recorded it on! arrgh have to do another one but its ok cos' I'm just glad my lappy is back. No tutorial videos but I do have something to share regarding
fashion & nasheed.

This video came out during this recent ramadhan, I bet many asian viewers have seen it esp. ( Malaysia or Singapore) It is a video of various successful malaysian artist namely Siti Nurhaliza, Waheeda, Misha Omar, Ella and Ezlynn singing nasheed in the malay language which is so beautiful to the ears and the hijab fashion is super cute and stylish. So if you're lucky, I may feature some of their styles in my tutorials. So here is the video .Enjoy ~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello my avid readers!

So girls.

I am so sorry I may be away for a few days to get my laptop fixed. And insyaallah if things get better it'll be back in full swing! Just to be fair I put up the photos of my last hijab style for eid here before the tutorial. You will have to wait for the tutorial it is super hard for me to grab the only camera I have to do it. So here are the photos.

This hijab style is good only if the shawl I used was a lace/ organza and the see through type of shawl so it wouldn't be warm, I didn't have one so I had no choice did I?

sorry if i look fierce in this one but this is the best photo to show the style of this hijab.

This hijab style is matched with a 2 piece dress which is designed by yours truly. If you'd like to see some of my own designed eid outfits please do tell me I'll get the photos up. So please please please do stay tuned for the tutorial. Wasalam ~

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Salam people,

I am sorry for I haven't been updating for the past 2 days. I was busy being " Rachel Zoe" to my friend. So maybe another tutorial will surface tomorrow. Now let's talk about celebrity's clothing line. So maybe some clothing line designed by celebrities are not suitable for us but you should TOTALLY see dear by amanda bynes.

A few tweaks here and there, and you will have a really cute outfit that will fulfill our criteria as hijabis!

I've polyvored 2 items from dear by amanda bynes that is the cute jumper and hoodie. Actually i'd rather pair the tops with a dark grey pair of jeans but its hard to find those and I'm in a rush. So enjoy the look. With this look you will look creative, casual ,cute & on the go!

Even if you can't have the same stuffs to create this look , you can find knock offs. I do that all the time! enjoy:) If you like the brooch this is the link to purchase it :

Look at Amanda Bynes rocking her own designs!

Casual Chic look

To really rock this outfit is to wear a chunky bracelet like the one I found on the forever 21 website. I hate the necklace on that outfit on the polyvore set but I can't get rid of it. I really love the loafers they are so cute.

Tip on what hijab to wear with this outfit: Square hijabs are the best OR the slip on al-amira hijabs. Color picks : Black, Cream or White.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

3rd hijab look: Traditional look

You can compare this look

to this look

It is similar only with more neck or chest coverage

The look given on top is matched up with a kimono type kebaya

Better views of the look

So as promised...

Enjoy the tutorial! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Salam Hijabis!
I know you might think 'Hey! where are the rest of the tutorials?' . Well settle down it might just surface tomorrow!

Today the spotlight's on real hijabi. I've got some photos of hijabis on eid. CAUTION: This photos might make you DROOL and maybe inspire you to look the same next eid! haha.

Sister Amy in her self designed long green and black swirly print dress & lime green hijab wrap.

Sister Sakinah with her siblings wearing the traditional indonesian kebaya and nice white square hijab with the curve cutting on the edge.

Tell me what you think of their styles. I just feel they all look cute. If you do have eid photos that you want to share... drop the photos by at

Don't be shy. Do state your name when you drop your pics . Let's share our style with our muslim sisters worldwide. peace.