Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Salam Hijabis!
I know you might think 'Hey! where are the rest of the tutorials?' . Well settle down it might just surface tomorrow!

Today the spotlight's on real hijabi. I've got some photos of hijabis on eid. CAUTION: This photos might make you DROOL and maybe inspire you to look the same next eid! haha.

Sister Amy in her self designed long green and black swirly print dress & lime green hijab wrap.

Sister Sakinah with her siblings wearing the traditional indonesian kebaya and nice white square hijab with the curve cutting on the edge.

Tell me what you think of their styles. I just feel they all look cute. If you do have eid photos that you want to share... drop the photos by at catmad.atwork@yahoo.com

Don't be shy. Do state your name when you drop your pics . Let's share our style with our muslim sisters worldwide. peace.


haoua said...

You guys look super cute!!! Eid Mubarak.

gishmora said...

second pic is so cute. :D like a nasheed group.

Ajmath said...

Salaam.. Could you explain how you wear this method tudong? Maashallah they're looking soo pretty..the look is very nice.. I would like to know as well.. Thanks

Melda said...

Masha'allah, i love the green outfit :o) love your blog, too, make sure you keep posting pics and videos, sister :o) Salams from Germany :o)