Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wed In Style

So I was on a house visit just now, was bored and flipped through a muslimah /family magazine called " Seri Dewi dan Keluarga". Guess what I found? Awesome wedding looks that you will totally love. I swear. I was like asking my aunt whether I can lend the magazine... well you girls are in luck so here are the photos of those dresses. CAUTION THIS MIGHT LEAD TO EXCESSIVE FANTASIZING

The timeless color of white for weddings. But if we already bored with white all the colors at the bottom might just wow you! Click on photos to have a closer look.

My personal favourite is the green one cos it's simple and has very nice beading at the bottom of the dress. which's your favourite?

PS : Photos don't belong to me it belongs to Seri dewi dan Keluarga

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