Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Designs

So some of you have been wanting me to put up photos of clothes I designed. So here they are! But keep in mind I don't sew them.

2008 design this was supposedly to be a punjabi dress but the tailor got it wrong by making the skirt a what we call "mermaid" skirt when it is suppose to be a flair skirt. If u can see, the top is made to look like you are wearing double or a tank top inside.

2006 Designs
The blue one is a normal kebaya with flair sleeves and Chinese collared top and straight cut skirt.
The white one is a dress with puffy buttoned sleeves , Chinese collared too and has a ribbon at the waist . Skirt is an A-lined skirt.

2005 designs. This is one of my first designs , I know the picture quality is like urrrgh! I
so promise to get a new shot of it. Well if you can see it is a 3 piece suit . a short cropped jacket , a tank top and an a-lined skirt. well it is made out of nice Saree cloth. The inspiration of this design is ethnic and modern looking.

You may wonder why I design only once a year. These designs for are for Eid and I got them tailored and all for me and my sister, so pardon me if it has a touch of my own traditional or ethnic background. But if you could see my design file, I design everything from casual, dresses and even wedding gowns. I sooo wish I can sew, all these were sewed from the same tailor. Don't worry I may just take up lessons soon!

Well, would you wear things like this for your own Eid? If you do dig these designs do tell me cause I might just help design your own eid dress for next year!

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