Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hijabi Style Star - Waheeda

Salam girls.
Sorry still no tutorial yet. Haven't manage to grab the camera. So... I've been thinking of featuring a segment called Hijabi Style Star. I bet many of you have seen Style Star the american version. For you who haven't well it is a TV show that feature celebrities and their style. Well here we will have our own Hijabi Style Star...

Our first Hijabi Style Star On Cre8tively Hijab TV is Waheeda Wassini

Waheeda Wassini became well known to us ever since her single ' Wassini' became a hit. Wanna have a taste of it here you go... her voice is to die for. I just love her hijab styles from long pashminas to square hijabs. I started trying on long pashminas eversince I saw her style!

Her styles ranging from formal , eid to casual are all just fabulous! I personally favour the black and pink hijab style. Which one do you like best?
These last photos are what I call high fashion be it the beaded hijab or the semi - avant garde red dress she is wearing.

So , will Waheeda inspires your hijab style? She inspires me already!

None of these photos belong to me.
photos are from yahoo , msn , flickr -rakis

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