Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colour Splash

Throw out ALL your black outfits and splash them with colours. Eid Adha is around the corner so I have put up 2 ensembles for it one of abaya and one of jilbab. Ladies I suggest to you PLEASE avoid wearing ALL black on such a wonderful day it will make someone feel gloomy. ALL white is a yes please do but all BLACK is a definite no-no.

Blue Fever by Cre8tively Hijab

Splashes of blue to go with the black and blue sequinned abaya

Jilbab Chic Set by Cre8tively Hijab
Pink will make you look more on the softer side and the shoe will totally jazz things up for you.
I will keep things coming for this upcoming Eid Adha sorry for the lack of update as I have been struck with the FLU & working hasn't gave me the luxury of time to update. So stay tuned for more =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bring Out The Rocker Chic In You

So you are bored of looking the same all the time, you can change up your persona once in a while, I love to do that, always change the way I look. So this is a look that is edgy and for those who have a rocker chic side to them. Here are 2 outfits put together for a change instead of looking sweet let's look edgy. The look has been put together trying its best meeting the criterias of a hijabi.

The Rocker Chic In a Hijabi by Cre8tively Hijab

The Rocker Chic In Hijabi2 by Cre8tively Hijab
Remember spending a lot for one item is not worth the money! Just be practical and go bargain hunting =) You will still ROCK this look . Rock On!

Will you girls be willing to wear something of this sort?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bonus Bridal/Party Make Up To Match The Rose Hijab Style

This is a tutorial made up by me for a simple make up look for parties, engagement or bridal =) A bonus for the bridal/party hijab look requested by Mouna. This look is created to match the creative rose hijab style. Hope you people enjoy it! By the way like I said I am NOOOO make up expert.

Here are photos of the finished look

These are the items that are closest to get the look

Bridal/Party Make Up by Cre8tively Hijab

So leave a comment if you think you'll try this for a party or bridal/engagement look! Will you try it?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beaded Premade Hijab / Al-Amira

So yesterday I got my pay, I went to shop for a new hijab a slip-on hijab! It is uber cute & pretty i love the fact that it is easy to wear no hassle at all! So take a look at the new pre-made beaded hijab I bought! It is sooo cheap only 5 singapore dollars! This is the purrrrfect hijab for a bad hijab day!

Just look at the fine beading and flower details. I love it! Would you love to wear something like this?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dubai Abaya On Me

Today I had the mood to dress up a little to work for the first time ever wearing abaya which my cousin bought from Dubai. It was for my mum but I lent it from my mum. I love colours so I loved how the abaya looked on me . Here are the photos :

Man I look like a dwarf in the last photo, superbly short!
You may wonder why I wore a belt. It is only because my abaya is too big and long. The belt actually helps to shorten the length cos i pulled out about an inch of the dress over the belt. So what do you think about this abaya style? FYI I did the whole 9 yards wearing eyeliner and mascara and all. LOL. But hey the reaction I got from public was kinda surprising, people gave me stares and smiles for I don't know why.Any idea why?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hijabi Style Star 2 - Inneke Koesherawati

Inneke Koesherawati.

The woman whose name is BOOMING in Singapore prior to the TV series she starred in called " Istri Untuk Suami ku" ( A Wife For My Husband). Her role is of a very strong woman who can't conceive a child therefore she looked for a second wife for her husband. I ALWAYS shed tears watching this show.Too sad. You may find it surprising but in real life Inneke too is having trouble conceiving a child therefore I think her acting in the TV series is strong cause she knows the well-being of the character too well. But come on who in real life willing to look for a second wife for their husbands? If there are out there. I really look up to these people cause they are SUPERWOMEN.

So here are her beautiful styles :)

I LOVE ALL of her styles she is just to gorgeous for words :) Leave a comment if you've fallen for her style too!

New Photo

I did up a new simple photo so I just want a bit of thoughts on it how is the look or the photo quality, any comments on the lighting and editing please do leave a comment alright?

Besides that then tell me if the photo has a strong look or just too fierce /scary looking.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Good Friend

What's your definition of being a good friend?
  • A friend that is always by your side.
  • A friend that laughs WITH you and maybe sometimes laugh AT you.
  • A friend that always lend a shoulder to cry on.
  • It may all sounds easy but its a tough job to do trust me.

Being a good friend does involve :
  • Being happy for your friend though you envy at what they have.
  • Making one of the biggest sacrifices for them.
  • Pretend to be happy and alright with every of their actions although you are hurt by it.
  • Most of all you must be understanding and being understanding is VERY HARD to do at times.
  • Have you ever felt lonely even though you have plenty of good friends? I have.

So what criteria or who do you usually consider a good friend ? Anything to add to the list of how to be a good friend just drop a comment.

PS: I miss u my girlfriends!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Steal Raven Symone's Style

Hello girls!
This is my 2nd time around doing a post for our big hijab sisters. So today we look at the styles of our " That's So Raven" star. Raven Symone and you might just walk away with a few tips in fashion and styles you might wanna steal! Features 2 totally different colour codings or scheme. Cool and hot colours.

Raven Symone Inspired by Cre8tively Hijab

Raven Symone Inspired 2 by Cre8tively Hijab

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Indonesian wedding hijab style

Forgive me for disappearing for almost close to a week. So here is the request made by Mouna on wedding styles or party. The video is coming soon I promise! The photos are here though take a sneak peek! Tell me if you love this indonesian wedding hijab style or not I worked so hard trying to put them together both the make up and the hijab style.
The Rose Hijab style

click to enlarge the image

The starry eyed make up style

Love it leave a comment! Hate it also please do leave a comment and reasons why. haha thanks!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Looks For Our Men

Hello girls,
This is for my girls who have boyfriends who dress atrociously. You know like your guy has no fashion sense. So here is how you can help him out so next time when you go out with him you will both look like cute couples rather than you being cute alone. Another suggestion you take him out shopping or you buy them for him as gifts!

So with the help of my favorite male fashion icon or musician. Mr.Ryan Ross from Panic at the disco whom I think have superb sense in fashion and the men in my life which are my school mates. Nah. I never have a boyfriend and I don't need one any time sooner.

Looks for our men by Cre8tively Hijab
Definitely the above put together is inspired by my school mates.

Looks for our Men 2 by Cre8tively Hijab
The look on top is somewhat inspired by Ryan Ross, Panic at the disco's guitarist and vocalist. But this look is much more casual than his original style, he is more formal looking. The idea of vests, bead bracelets and hats are part of his styles.

Well to be frank I like the idea of having a boyfriend who dress up as good as Ryan. Do you?

My Get Up

Hello My Nation of Cre8tive Hijabis!

So sorry I may have been lacking in updates been busy. So tomorrow is my first day back to work, I am excited yet I am nervous. But anyhow! I want to share with you the outfit me and my friend wore during a day out in the city hope you like it and will inspire you.

Me in a short floral dress with black pants and My friend in her short denim dress with jeans!
Tell me if you like our get up and if it is good enough for a muslimah. Because my outfit my dad don't like it and he said it is not appropriate I wonder why?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Make Me Up - The Natural Look

So here this is an entry for muslim girls who hates make up but still wants to look presentable and want to put that touch of glow on your face. So here is my idea of wearing make up to the minimal and have the natural look or glow on your face. No foundation or compact powder used.

I hate wearing make up, my usual make up are only the lipgloss and the white powder featured below. If I am not lazy I would use eyeliner. If you are lucky you will see me wearing all the items below plus eyeliner which only happens once in a blue moon!

So this is dedicated to girls like me.

natural look by Cre8tively Hijab
All you need are the above items. The blusher I use are the ones in the small glass tub it is called soft mousse blush from Avon.
Bottom is the video for it. I find it to be a bad make up video I am so sorry like I said I am NO expert.

Here is my before and after look



Not much difference huh? It just gives you that healthy glow and a little colour on you. This is my natural look. I love the eyelash but I know you can't see it but I did both top and bottom lash so it will look like you have indian or latina eyes.

Tell me what you think? Hate it or love the idea of simple make up.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Post For Our Big Hijab Girls

Salam my hijab sisters,
Today's post is dedicated to our plus size hijab sisters. To show them that they too can be in style and trend with their hijabs. Here are 3 looks we've put together inspired by the very hot America ferrera and Jordin Sparks.

America Ferrera Inspired

America Ferrera Look by Cre8tively Hijab
This is what I call the America Ferrera look which I give a different twist with a different color hot pink, though yellow is also a great choice. I just love those shoes, don't you?

Jordin Sparks Plaid style

Plaid for big girls-Jordin Sparks inspired by Cre8tively Hijab
There has been such a huge buzz about plaid. Plaid is like the trend now. So here are 2 ensembles of plaid patterns for our big girls. The look is inspired by Jordin Sparks. Hope you girls are inspired and enjoyed this entry that's dedicated to all the big hijab girls out there. Cheers :) Remember to love yourself for who you are!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hijab Fashion Photography By Cre8tively Hijab

Hello my fellow hijab ladies,
We at Cre8tively Hijab have worked our butts off to bring you our own original set of hijab fashion photography that we REALLY, REALLY want you to comment or rate the photos. Pretty please. We really want to know what you think of it. If it is great or not. We would really appreciate it if you do drop a comment cause we want to know what we can work on and upgrade our skills. Thank you sisters. Please tell us which is your favourite.

Photographer: Nur Atiqah
Model: Nur Humaira
Photo Editor: Aminah

Please drop us comments. We would definitely reply to all of you! So click away :)

PS: Barack Obama congratulations to u and america for making a big change today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beautiful Photography Of Women In Hijab

I came across lots of beautiful photography of hijab beauties. These are just a few of my favourites.

These 2 photos just speaks pure beauty and innocence to me. They are really strong photos.

Above is a very very interesting shot. royalty.

The above just portrays how peaceful,serene and powerful prayers are to us women.

This is the best shot of an American muslimah ever. This photo just speaks the message so loud.
Strong,strong photo. I wish we all can do something like this everyone have our faces painted of our country's flag and we should line the photos all up it will be VERY VERY interesting. Maybe we should start doing so! I think i will be doing mine soon:) insyaallah

Sources: :
Nicole Queen's myspace account.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Hijab Style Tutorial 7: Square Hijab Series & Hijab Pin up 4 grabs

The start of a new week means new hijab style tutorials will be up. Styles you may or may not know of. So here is another square hijab style. This square hijab style is super easy and best for Bad hijab days!

A few views of this style. The front which is at the chest part is like an overlap or criss-cross of the scarf to each other. A hard underscarf is a must to make this look happen.

Ok here's the deal this dangling heart brooch which is featured in this tutorial is up for grab. Going for SGD 6 dollars (Singapore). Anyone who wants to purchase this brooch that is made by me leave a comment on my web message board or just leave a comment on this post.
So here's the tutorial, enjoy :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Asian & Fusion Hijab Fashion Styles

Hello darlings.
Well I know Islamic fashion festival or IFF actually happened early this year when this blog haven't been kicked off. But I found some fabulous clothes on this runway which is of Asian and Fusion. I just love the designs and vibrant colours. Let it roll...
The Indonesian Style

On these Indonesian styles I totally love and amazed at the fact that they made a slip on al-amira type of hijab which many of us wear only when we wanna go grocery shopping into beautiful runway material by wrapping it with beautiful shawl.
The fusion style of Arab & Malay

Man I love the pant suit it is sooo colourfully delicious. I'd trash the turban though haha. The black suit is made of a malay traditional cloth called songket which is usually worn by royalty in the olden days but trust me this cloth is coming back in full swing!

Malay Style

These are really pure malay styles ; baju kurung and kebaya. Trust me I don't really like the ankle showing BUT this traditional costume's skirt can actually be lengthen to our liking. Actually baju kurung the second photo the skirt is suppose to be long but i think all this ankle showing are for the runway only.

These designs are the kind you can replicate and tailor it for events like Eid or so.
Sources/ Photos are from - almixnut you can have a look at his photos here
IFF website here and discover who are the designers involved.