Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beaded Premade Hijab / Al-Amira

So yesterday I got my pay, I went to shop for a new hijab a slip-on hijab! It is uber cute & pretty i love the fact that it is easy to wear no hassle at all! So take a look at the new pre-made beaded hijab I bought! It is sooo cheap only 5 singapore dollars! This is the purrrrfect hijab for a bad hijab day!

Just look at the fine beading and flower details. I love it! Would you love to wear something like this?


Megan said...

Sure, on days when the scarf just isn't cooperating. How to wash it though?

Dalia said...

OMG THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE! where can i get one?

hijabee said...

Very cute :) I love it

Fashionably Modest said...

It's adorable, my younger sister would love this, in fact she asked my mom to get her one last week, but we couldn't find a nice one. Do they sell these online anywhere?

Cre8tively Hijab said...

Hey Megan I believe you just have to hand wash it in order not to spoil the details.

Dalia: where do you live ? I f you live in Singapore I can easily get you one in a place called Geylang.

Fashionably Modest: Im not sure about online maybe i will help you look around

Melda :o) said...

Assalamu alaikum sister :o)

insha'allah you can help me...I have two of those beaded slip-on hijabs and I thought it would be so easy to wear them but when I put them on I noticed that one of them had do I put this? lol well kind of like a gap in the back? Do you know what I mean? And the other one I took a pic of myself wearing it and a malay sister said I wasn't wearing it properly but unfortunately she didn't have the time yet to show me how it's done, so maybe you can let me in on this secret :P I'd appreciate your help! Jazakallahu khair :o)