Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hijab Fashion Photography By Cre8tively Hijab

Hello my fellow hijab ladies,
We at Cre8tively Hijab have worked our butts off to bring you our own original set of hijab fashion photography that we REALLY, REALLY want you to comment or rate the photos. Pretty please. We really want to know what you think of it. If it is great or not. We would really appreciate it if you do drop a comment cause we want to know what we can work on and upgrade our skills. Thank you sisters. Please tell us which is your favourite.

Photographer: Nur Atiqah
Model: Nur Humaira
Photo Editor: Aminah

Please drop us comments. We would definitely reply to all of you! So click away :)

PS: Barack Obama congratulations to u and america for making a big change today!


Norsiah said...

humaira looks like supremodel.. InsyaAllah one day she can be well-known Muslimah model.. :)

JannaH said...

I love the first one. MashAllah I thought that was you lol

washi said...

I love the 2nd pic - Mashallah!

caraboska said...

I vote for the first one too...

Cree8tively Hijab said...

Hello Everyone .
thank you for your comments, I love the first one too! It was so hard to get that shot actually I have to let her look at some photos before she gets it.

the 2nd one also is one of my fave shot. Thank you for commenting it means a lot to us.

To jannah : that's my sister. hehe. ppl always get us confused!

Anonymous said...

the 2nd one was great except for the lighting...try to use natural light. overall, good job!

Cre8tively Hijab said...

To anonymous thank you for your comment. I will definitely take your advise next time.

hal786 said...

im hal786 from
im a hijabi too!
from the uk
(plz check out my blog)
i think these pics r soo cute mashallah!
i love the first two.
the 3rd would be better against a different background, do you have photoshop? or even paint you can jus edit it a liitle make the background match in some ways with the pic(so a fair, creamy backgound with a pattern of black and pink)
hope that helps!