Friday, November 21, 2008

Dubai Abaya On Me

Today I had the mood to dress up a little to work for the first time ever wearing abaya which my cousin bought from Dubai. It was for my mum but I lent it from my mum. I love colours so I loved how the abaya looked on me . Here are the photos :

Man I look like a dwarf in the last photo, superbly short!
You may wonder why I wore a belt. It is only because my abaya is too big and long. The belt actually helps to shorten the length cos i pulled out about an inch of the dress over the belt. So what do you think about this abaya style? FYI I did the whole 9 yards wearing eyeliner and mascara and all. LOL. But hey the reaction I got from public was kinda surprising, people gave me stares and smiles for I don't know why.Any idea why?


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum
How are you ?
Oh darling your so cute in that abaya so colourful,matching scarf would be nice also.

Im short also dear, remember that special things always come in small packages lol

Im really looking forward to your tutorial on bridal hijab wraps.

Take Care and keep up the gr8 work

caraboska said...

You asked why folks might have stared and smiled at you. Maybe because the abaya is gorgeous???

Pixie said...

You look too cute, very gypsy-esqe. Were you wearing it in Dubai? Cuz in any Khaleeji country that is not an abaya---it is a jalabiyia (a house dress) worn not as jilbabiyia (too look modest and pretty but not to be seen by men:D) My little sis does it all the time.

Cre8tively Hijab said...

Hey Pixie.
Nah im not in dubai! I wear it in Singapore =) It is a dubai jalabiyia bought by my cousin in Dubai

Cre8tively Hijab said...

Im gg to do the tutorial soon =) something went wrong with the current video

hijabee said...

You look beautiful mashallah and the abaya is gorgeous

Jana said...

Very pretty!