Saturday, November 15, 2008

Indonesian wedding hijab style

Forgive me for disappearing for almost close to a week. So here is the request made by Mouna on wedding styles or party. The video is coming soon I promise! The photos are here though take a sneak peek! Tell me if you love this indonesian wedding hijab style or not I worked so hard trying to put them together both the make up and the hijab style.
The Rose Hijab style

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The starry eyed make up style

Love it leave a comment! Hate it also please do leave a comment and reasons why. haha thanks!


jenna said...

hi there....
good job on the creative rose hijab..
the make up could be more translucent and dewy if u try to blend it well....and maybe the eyebrows just need to be neaten up abit to spark the eyes up. play with warm colours like pinkish and earth tones..
i really swear on affordable but good make ups like Silkygirl or Maybelline. Best of luck!

Cre8tively Hijab said...

Hey Jenna thanks for the make up tips. about the eyebrows what do u mean by neaten up abit? To comb it or to pluck it. Because plucking the eyebrows is not allowed in islam.

So thats why i left the eyebrows as what it is.

Anonymous said...

hi sis
nope dun pluck...just comb it...i learn a tip or 2 from Allure magazine that some professional make up artists use clear tinted mascara and its wand to comb and neaten up eyebrows...just not to thick tho...