Sunday, November 2, 2008

Asian & Fusion Hijab Fashion Styles

Hello darlings.
Well I know Islamic fashion festival or IFF actually happened early this year when this blog haven't been kicked off. But I found some fabulous clothes on this runway which is of Asian and Fusion. I just love the designs and vibrant colours. Let it roll...
The Indonesian Style

On these Indonesian styles I totally love and amazed at the fact that they made a slip on al-amira type of hijab which many of us wear only when we wanna go grocery shopping into beautiful runway material by wrapping it with beautiful shawl.
The fusion style of Arab & Malay

Man I love the pant suit it is sooo colourfully delicious. I'd trash the turban though haha. The black suit is made of a malay traditional cloth called songket which is usually worn by royalty in the olden days but trust me this cloth is coming back in full swing!

Malay Style

These are really pure malay styles ; baju kurung and kebaya. Trust me I don't really like the ankle showing BUT this traditional costume's skirt can actually be lengthen to our liking. Actually baju kurung the second photo the skirt is suppose to be long but i think all this ankle showing are for the runway only.

These designs are the kind you can replicate and tailor it for events like Eid or so.
Sources/ Photos are from - almixnut you can have a look at his photos here
IFF website here and discover who are the designers involved.

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