Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hijab Shopping - Graphically Inclined Hijab

I went hijab shopping just now and bought a green nicely designed, graphically inclined square hijab.
Here's a peek:

LOL what a coincidence that my bed sheets are green too :) The best thing that it is cheap :D
Dear readers you know you can get nice graphically inclined hijabs that is of a new type ( NOT square hijabs) they call it Torhas. They are simply beautiful... Look at these

Are you drooling yet? If you want to purchase any of these torhas visit

Friday, February 27, 2009

Searching For Online Shopping Buddies

Hello My Avid Readers.
Recently I am bored out of my mind! I want to make new friends and get to know more sisters in islam. I want to make new online friends that I can go online "window" shopping with and ask opinions on things besides shopping & fashion. So if any of you darlings want to be my online buddy... drop me a comment. Maybe we can start an online MSN group that we will create specially for this group of online friends.

Love, Tiqah

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hijab Tutorial 10 : Square Hijab Series - The Neat Style

So here is the weekend tutorial. It is another square hijab style, a neat looking one that suits all occasion :)

Hope you love it! If it is pixelated for you and you can't understand the video, leave me comments and don't be shy to ask away!!! Thank you to my friend Norsiah for being my model today :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

And so when you reach your 30s...

How do you think you would dress? Of course most of you would think more modest than you already are. But how... do we keep in touch with our fashion sense at this age?

Trust me you can be superbly fashionable even in your 30s. Proof are my aunts, they look very fashionable and very modest even though they are like in their 40s going on 50s. They still keep updating themselves with new hijab styles which is suitable for their age.

Remember the main tip to look young is to : DRESS OF YOUR AGE and NOT dress younger than your age because it will only make you look older than you what you really are.

So if you are 30, I'd suggest this look to suit the age.
Purple day
Purple day - by Cre8tively Hijab on

Blue - by Cre8tively Hijab on

Both the skirt and the bubble top is available at and guess what this look also goes with a nice pair of blue jeans.

OR if you want to look a little hip you could try this cute blue look which is inspired by Pepper Dennis.
Too Chic For Work
Too Chic For Work - by Cre8tively Hijab on

Meaanwhile do enjoy the age you are in and live it to the fullest:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hijabi Style Star 3: Wardina

Wardina is one of Malaysian's hijabi style star. She got her own sense of style. Let's check em' out!

Doesn't she look great in blue?

The traditional dress look gorgeous on her.

Wardina on the left. I love this dress very victorian like and vintage . Looking classy and vintage!

Even during pregnancy, her style and dressing looks superb :) Which one is your fave style? Mine is definitely the victorian look.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cre8tively Hijab TV

Salam My hijabi ladies.

I had this crazy idea to do Weekly Webisodes for you readers. Meaning every weekend I will post one Cre8tively hijab episode that will talk about hijab trends,tips,tutorials,our favorite online hijabi and maybe talk about online shops. I hope I can keep up with this because i bet its going to be an interesting project for me and my friends.

Soo... please do tell me if you will be interested to watch our weekend webisodes and if it is a good idea for you readers!



Friday, February 6, 2009

Be Candylicious

Tired of black? Lets splash colours & sugar to your wardrobe ! Look colourful and sweet like candy. All these are affordable for any hijabi. Guess what? you can also use the dress for formal events.

Candylicious - by Cre8tively Hijab on
Formal Candylicious
Formal Candylicious - by Cre8tively Hijab on

So which look do u love best? I love the casual one :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Haute Pins! My Online Blog Shop

Salam ladies!
The past few weeks I have been busy making new hijab pins or brooches for my online blogshop. I want all of you to visit it and give me comments on what you think of the brooches/ hijab pins.
Here is the link :

Here is a sneak preview:

To see more collections visit the link! And please do leave comments on the design of the brooches :) Thank you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wed On Wednesday - Ekin Mawi

So today I thought of posting one of the grand weddings in Malaysia which the lady is in hijab. Ekin looks super pretty on her wedding day. So these are the photos. So which do u like best? The unique grey outfit OR the traditional white dress? For me I can't decide :/

This pic reminds me of indonesian royalties