Thursday, February 19, 2009

And so when you reach your 30s...

How do you think you would dress? Of course most of you would think more modest than you already are. But how... do we keep in touch with our fashion sense at this age?

Trust me you can be superbly fashionable even in your 30s. Proof are my aunts, they look very fashionable and very modest even though they are like in their 40s going on 50s. They still keep updating themselves with new hijab styles which is suitable for their age.

Remember the main tip to look young is to : DRESS OF YOUR AGE and NOT dress younger than your age because it will only make you look older than you what you really are.

So if you are 30, I'd suggest this look to suit the age.
Purple day
Purple day - by Cre8tively Hijab on

Blue - by Cre8tively Hijab on

Both the skirt and the bubble top is available at and guess what this look also goes with a nice pair of blue jeans.

OR if you want to look a little hip you could try this cute blue look which is inspired by Pepper Dennis.
Too Chic For Work
Too Chic For Work - by Cre8tively Hijab on

Meaanwhile do enjoy the age you are in and live it to the fullest:)

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