Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colour Splash

Throw out ALL your black outfits and splash them with colours. Eid Adha is around the corner so I have put up 2 ensembles for it one of abaya and one of jilbab. Ladies I suggest to you PLEASE avoid wearing ALL black on such a wonderful day it will make someone feel gloomy. ALL white is a yes please do but all BLACK is a definite no-no.

Blue Fever by Cre8tively Hijab

Splashes of blue to go with the black and blue sequinned abaya

Jilbab Chic Set by Cre8tively Hijab
Pink will make you look more on the softer side and the shoe will totally jazz things up for you.
I will keep things coming for this upcoming Eid Adha sorry for the lack of update as I have been struck with the FLU & working hasn't gave me the luxury of time to update. So stay tuned for more =)


Pixie said...

The shoe and tweed jilbab are too cute.

Anonymous said...

hi just wanted to know i am from the uk, does the website that the pink coat jilbab is from ship to the uk, are there extra costs for this.please let me know thanks.

Cre8tively Hijab said...

To anonymous,
The pink jilbab, the website states it ships to anywhere around the world. Here are the details to know more :

malizea the french hijabi said...

it's so beautiful!