Monday, December 1, 2008

Make Up & Friends Compliments By My Bestie

This entry will show you 2 make up styles my friend did for us. A party and a wedding look. Compliments to my friend Adila that did mine and her make up.

Bridal Look

Specifically asked her to do a smokey eyed look. This look totally goes with your classic regular white dress.
Party Look On Her

This look suits for any party you have maybe a birthday because it is bright and cheery.
After the whole make up experience we had fun taking snapshots on her webcam... ENJOY a good laugh at the upcoming pics.

It between all this crazy ,weird and some photos which look like we both have disease. I love this photo the best...

Awww... After all the laughing.. Well don't forget to comment on the make up looks Miss Adila have given. If you want to know how to put them on leave me a comment.

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