Monday, December 8, 2008

Eid Adha

I had fun today helping out at the Madrasah with cutting of veggies and stupid onions which got my tears rolling. The sheeps are quite well behaved today. Well by the this is what I wore today.

Me in gold abaya and my sis in a pink one which is from Mecca. Do u love the brooch on my head? Me too! I bought it at OVA trendy. I will blog about the shop REAL SOOON!


zgb said...

Wow, wonderful outfits! Why can't I find something like that to buy??? Btw, I never manage to get my hijab look that way... Could you show me how? Or maybe the problem is in the size of the scarf?... Eid Mubarak!

washi said...

Love the broach! Eid Mubarak :-)

gishmora said...

haha, I have that brooch too sis! Blog about that shop soon ya, its a great muslimah shop. :)