Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Mum's Wedding Photos 1987

So here are my mum's wedding photos. Be noted that before her marriage my mum have not started wearing hijab yet until after marriage so don't make any judgment of she took her hijab off for just one day. Thank you and have fun looking at her wedding styles.

Her Wedding "hijab" styles in the 1980's

She in a black abaya and white abaya like dress.

These 2 photos are below are actually traditional costumes. The head gear on the right is actually a Minang Kabau costume not a hijab style.

These traditional costumes now are easy to find the hijabify version of it. I remember how much I loved looking at her wedding photos for a very long time and thinking how lovely she looked.
So I wonder what you girls think of all these 1980s wedding costumes ? Talking about now will you wear something like these for your wedding? heh.


malizea the french hijabi said...

Mashallah your mum is so beautiful mashallah!!

Fashionably Modest said...

Masha'Allah those hijab styles are lovely! You should revive them! I would totally wear that black abaya! And the scarves are awesome!

faraasha said...

Masha'Allah. Yes i agree with malizea..You mum is sure one beautiful woman. :)

Autumn Plains said...

I don't make judgments - ever. I think she is beautiful masha'Allah!