Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey my hijabi sisters.
Sorry for going M.I.A for 2 weeks I think. Been super super busy and I am super super sorry I will make a point to update it daily. Well recently on youtube I have been getting some unnecessary comments which I don't know to ignore or to argue back. Let's see it is the video for the hijab with earrings which is here.

Here are the comments:

tosheatower (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

Such a cute girl, sad that she feels she hast to do this.

fazfazgirl (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

what do you mean she has to do this ?!

tosheatower (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

I mean that she feels (or rather is forced) to wear a Hijab in the first place.

ateeq1588 (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

I think I'll reply to this. I myself know I am NOT forced to wear a hijab. In fact my parents gave me choice to wear it or not its up to me and I've chosen to wear it. So I am not forced. So don't make any judgmental remarks without knowing the truth. Islam is not a religion of forcing ppl to do what they don't want to. It is all in the heart.

tosheatower (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

Who said anything about Islam? Also I don't think I was being judgmental, I was just saying I think it's sad that you feel OR are forced to have to wear it. Fact remains many women in your faith would probably rather not wear it but are forced to, and anytime anyone is forced to do something with their own body they don't want, regardless if its because of religious or social reasons it is WRONG.

ateeq1588 (1 week ago) Show Hide

Then its up to u. I respect u with your own beliefs and u leave me to mine and I don't see anything wrong with that right. I know I am not forced and I am the happiest I'll ever be, everything on hijab is me doing it voluntarily.Peace =)

lostgrl06 (23 hours ago) Show Hide

actually, its quite the contrary, many women choose to wear hijab. many women have come from places where such styles of dress are enforced, to america where they have a choice....THEY HAVE STILL CHOSEN TO WEAR HIJAB, OR NIQAAB OR WAT EVER.
i believe you are being prejudice, and perhaps a education in what hijab represents and why so many choose it will do you some justification.
no one is forced to do anything, if you choose to be muslim, then YOU choose to follow allah's commandments!

tosheatower (21 hours ago) Show Hide

And if you new the Quran, then you would know that to follow Allah's commandments a women does NOT have to wear a headress! In the Quran it says a woman should dress modestly and cover her bosom. Not sure where you keep your bosom but last time I check a woman doesn't need to cover her head to cover her chest!!!!

So as you can see this tosheatower girl have been stirring up an arguement which I don't like. What should I do? Should I just block her? Please give me your opinions girl.

PS: Tutorial coming up tonight!


Candice said...

I think she has her mind made up about hijab, has done at least a bit of research, although she obviously doesn't want to understand the reasons *for* wearing it. So it might not be that useful to answer back. I'd ignore the comments, probably without blocking her just because even though she has not been especially nice (being too sarcastic and know-it-all), she hasn't been downright mean and vulgar. But she's close to the borderline and it's your call!

Kendra said...

I would just let the arguement die off. It is obvious that the user doesn't fully understand what the hijab is really about. Besides, from what I see, it looks as if the user wanted to start a little something.

Aminah said...

Just ignore her.. Don't let her ruin ur day okies...Tak guna ajar orang yg tak mahu diajar...