Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wed On Wednesday - Philippines Hijab Wedding Styles

Its Wednesday! So its time for hijab wedding styles and now are hijab wedding styles from the Philippines! Here they are simply DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. For high resolution click on the photos:)

Style 1

Style 2 : So Vogue!

Style 3 : I find this style is super unique & cute

Style 4 : super classy

Style 5

Sheesh I just can't decide which is my favourite, all of them are just sooo pretty! Which one you think has captured your heart?

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o0UmmHasan0o said...

salam, nice work in finding these dresses, they are all gorgeous especially the third set of pictures, although maybe a little tight fitting for my taste, but lovely all the same.

faraasha said...

i love the last one..niceeee

eda said...

actually you are wrong, those styles are from TURKEY. the boutique is in IZMIR and name BALA COUTURE.

Norhajjar said...

Wow i like the # 1 style. It doesn't emphasize the bosom plus the style is so attractive. Its simply amazing.
Love, The Hijabers Index