Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Essential Items That Makes Up...

The core of a wardrobe for a hijabi. Be aware that I am using Tim Gunn's style guide & tips. To learn more watch Tim Gunn's Guide To Style.


1 ) Black Dress
2) Classic White Shirt
3) Blazer
4) Dress Pants
5) Day Dress OR Trench Coat ( Depends on the weather you're living in. If you have 4 seasons make it 11 Essential items)
6) Jeans
7) Long Skirt
8) Black Hijab ( Shayla or square hijabs up to you)
9) White Hijab
10 ) Wild Print Hijab

So here are all the 10 or 11 items I've chosen...

I swear i can create SOOO many looks with these 10 items and here I've come up with 6
The black dress office look. You can also turn this into an evening look.
You can actually wear this to work, school or you can wear this to hang out with your girlfriends or off to the beach or park because this look is all about being comfortable.
This is the meeting look. Or the office look. Or to school if you've got a big presentation.

The trench cost look is for the rainy or cold days to the office or just out to the mall. Very girly pink.
This is the day look I love the long sleeve maxi dress but hey you don't need to spend hundreds to own this dress. You can go shopping and bargain hunting & you can get something similar to this and still look great. This is great for everyday event.
The day dress is great because it can turn into a dinner look event kind of dress with the right accessories , shoes and hijab it will look fabulous for dinner outings at a high end restaurant.

***I hope this post has been useful if you're looking forward to REVAMP your wardrobe. BUT remember don't throw away what you already own, look at what you already have.For eg. a black dress or a white blouse or maybe that cute dress in your closet that you bought but haven't wear yet, then you can strike those off the check list and save more money to buy other stuffs.

Those clothes that you don't want you can give it away to family & friends or sell them online.

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