Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hijabi Style Star 4 : Zaskia A. Mecca

Zaskia A. Mecca is known through the movie "Ayat-ayat Cinta" and religious type of sinetrons such as "Kiamat sudah dekat". She is one of many entertainers who wears the hijab. She's got a very cute style too. Most of the time she rocks al-amira hijab which looks totally cute on her.

I know she makes al-amiras look superb.

These are the moments we see rarely when she wears something other than premade hijabs. I love the red one what about you? So who haven't catch her in the much talked about indonesian movie that came out last year or 2 years back should totally watch it, Its up on youtube. Its about a man who have 2 wives, oh you should just watch it, it will take me long to tell you the entire details.


Fashionably Modest said...

Wow Masha'Allah she's very beautiful and the hijabs looks great. I agree the red one is fab, and so are the brown and blue ones!! Thanks for sharing :)

ladymuslima said...

Salams sis,

I really love your blog, masha Allah.
I’m starting out a hijabi blog / online store my self (from Indonesia), can I link your blog in mine?

Please check out my store, hopefully you’ll find it interesting. I promise I’ll keep on adding new stuff in there :)

HijabChic said...

salams from finland :)

love her hijab style, the 2nd one was definitely my favorite