Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let Us Hijabify - KATY PERRY!!!

The ultimate question that will come to mind is : How can we do that to a woman who dresses like Betty Boop/ Calendar Girl / Pin Up poster girl? Why did I choose her ? Is because she have amazing sense of style! And here is how we hijabify Katy Perry :

Hijabify Katy Perry
Hijabify Katy Perry by Cre8tively Hijab featuring Tarina Tarantino accessories
Price : estimated US$2258
This Katy Perry look put together will for sure burn a hole in our pockets for the total will amount to thousands of dollars BUT here is the Katy Perry look for A LOT LESS.
Katy perry look for less
Katy perry look for less by Cre8tively Hijab on
All the following will amount to : estimated US$133
How much less ? US$2125. Our findings are fabulous aren't they? So... who says we can't copy Katy Perry's style.

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